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September 04, 2005


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and Brooks quoted the Rolling Stones too!

i am beginning to like the guy


I know! I wonder what he thinks of "Sweet Neo-Con"


Just wondering: what do you think was going through the minds of the "program directors" over at Al-Jazeera while Katrina was destroying a major city, and our federal task force shrugged their shoulders running in place? I mean, imagine their "surprise" when they realized that we were completely incapable of fighting a war overseas, AND dealing with a domestic tragedy?

As for Brooks, yes it was surprising to see him write ANYTHING about the class divide in America. Just thinking that in the presence of say, Robert Novak produces the same rolled-eyeball, Marxist finger pointing that stands for political discourse on whatever Sunday A.M. crap he's currently pontificating on. But Brooks can't go all the way with his piece cause he's another brick in the NeoCon wall. He has no real interest in the poor in America, his beat
being both suburbia and the the Clinton yuppies he so endearingly referred to as Bobo's in his book Bobo's In Paradise. Brooks is way too genteel, for any muckraking, any meaningful criticism. (John Powers called him "The Pangloss of patio culture" in LA Weekly.)
As for the Stones remark above, "Sweet NeoCon" is barely a scratch in the surface of the rot that extends through the whole movement from the likes of Coulter, Frum, and Limbaugh to Rove, Rice (who had the temerity to say in a church in Mississippi that sometimes people have face down hardships to become stronger)and you know who. (American Conservative magazine has nothing but scorn for the whole NeoCon agenda.) That the song was written (one-offed seems more appropriate) by a bunch of bored billionaires, during their ten year disengagement with reality, is hardly the political response we need.

Tom K.

I'm fairly sure that it was recently reported that out of all nations with greater than 1 M population, the US is the only one where the % of population living in poverty is on the increase -- perhaps in the NYT article this weekend on income disparity in Manhattan?

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