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November 05, 2008


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Pamela Parker Caird

Insightful observation, Jason. I was also struck by how alone he seemed at some points during the speech. But I was impressed by how quickly he's taken the attitude of leadership -- he seems ready to tackle the serious business of leading us through the mire in which we now find ourselves engulfed -- rather than just holding onto the idolatry and celebratory spirit. It's like he was finally atop the mountain and beginning to survey the treacherous territory between himself and the next promontory. Anyway, it's a beautiful thing, him winning. And the renaissance of political-minded patriotism that's swept the country these last couple of days is also inspiring. Let's savor that for a moment before we get back to being dour.

Jason Chervokas

Dour? Moi?

Actually I'm feeling anything but dour. More than once in the last 24 hrs a thrill went up my leg. And I'm not ashamed to admit that over the same stretch I went through a box of tissues.

Also, around here (that is to say I suspect it feels a little different in Utah or West Virginia than it does in metro NY), there's a sense of unity, novelty, and if not shared purpose then at least shared good will that is unprecedented in my political experience. Who knows how long that aura will last, but for the moment it's a beautiful thing.

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